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What is RPL

RPL is the recognition of prior learning. It is an opportunity to have your skills recognised for what they are, formally, no matter how, when or where the learning has occurred. RPL identifies knowledge and skills you have already gained in the workplace.

We at AHSR are committed to giving you the right qualifications commensurate with your skills.

Do I qualify?

  • Do you hold qualifications in any other job but would like to transfer them to your present career?
  • Are you able to do the job that your colleagues alongside of you do?
  • Do you carry out your working responsibilities to the best of your ability and with the full support of your supervisor?
  • Do you now work in an industry that requires or accepts recognition of your qualifications?
  • Do you have any skills in either in an unpaid or paid position that you would like recognition for?
  • Do you want your skills and experience to contribute to a worthwhile qualification?
  • Do you or your employer want you to seek recognition for the work that you have previously or currently done?

How long will it take me? Generally it depends on what skills you have, what evidence you can supply and what (if) any gap training needs to be provided.


Where to now?

Contact us and begin to consider what evidence that you have that demonstrates your current skills and expertise. Consider the important issues. Is the evidence you provide recent, continuous and valid.

After that we have an initial meeting of around an hour to assess your skills, face to face, but if that is not possible then we can arrange it using Skype, messenger or even face book!

Remember, we build a personal relationship, but telling us you have done something, no matter how convincing is not enough to gain an award in itself. It is not that we do not believe you. But we require evidence for the skills you claim to have. Ways of collating the evidence are explained to you and is assited by your very own personal student logon. Some of the evidence you may wish to consider could include some or all of the following.

Current Résumé, C.V, Job description, Induction programmes such as Health and Safety and Customer service. 

Copies of existing or past qualifications, in-house training certificates, photographs, point of view glasses, smart phone video technology, tablets, references, staff appraisals, statutory declarations. Apprenticeships you may have started but not completed


The RPL Process

RPL Process Diagram