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A little bit of Background                                                                               

Not only do AHSR / ASMI offer certification via RPL for appropriate professionals – but for those starting out in
their careers we offer apprenticeship training and assessment face to face. We have offices in Brisbane,
Sydney, Cairns and Dubai. Our local offices and kitchens are based in Kingston, Stanthorpe and Logan. For
the last four years we have become well established locally and internationally – we have an outstanding
team of hand picked professionals. Many of the staff are from vocational educational backgrounds. We have
current heads of industry teaching within our team – and we always, always seek advice from the industry at large.          

Learning Opportunities


Our philosophy of learning is absolute engagement with the student. Therefore we utilise a range of blended educational options which includes; an online portal, face to face, RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning), E-portfolios and webcasts. For our apprentice chefs, our exciting 'touch and feel' program involves trips to markets and hospitality outlets. For our domestic and international clients we continue to offer training and assessment through our ongoing innovative approach to training and assessment.

In Queensland AHSR is an award winning company for Recognition of Prior Learning. We are also a nationally   recognised training organisation that is compliant with the NVR standards for a Registered Training Organisation under Australian Skills Quality Authority. For more information please refer to AQTF_Audit Report.











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